By Giuseppe Verdi

Rigoletto is based on a play Le roi s’amuse (the King Amuses Himself) by French playwright Victor Hugo, who also wrote Les Miserables. Written in 1832, the play ostensibly depicts the escapades of Francis I of France. However, censors of the time believed it contained insulting references to King Louis-Philippe and banned it after one performance.

Verdi wrote Rigoletto in 40 days for the premiere in Venice in 1851. Already famous, Verdi knew La donna è mobile would be a big hit, so the tenor for the premier had to swear he would not sing, or even whistle, the tune except during the rehearsals and could use his
score only a few evenings before the premiere.

Cast Members

Ryan Macpherson

Duke of Mantua

Joel Cummings

Count Borsa, a courtier

Serena Eduljee

Countess Ceprano

Yuseok Oh

Rigoletto, the Duke’s jester

Steven Tachell

Count Ceprano

Adam Kim

Marullo, a courtier

Benjamin Harris

Count Monterone

Benjamin Harris

Sparafucile, an assassin

Courtney Ruckman

Gilda, Rigoletto’s daughter

Melina Pyron

Giovanna, Gilda’s nurse

Danielle Bayne

A Page

Nathaniel Voth

A Court Usher

Melina Pyron

Maddalena, Sparafucile’s sister