L’elisir D’amore


By Gaetano Donzetti

In the countryside, Adina, the wealthy owner of a local farm and vineyard, her friend Giannetta, and a group of peasants are resting beneath a shade tree. At a distance, Nemorino, a young villager, laments he has nothing to offer Adina but love. The peasants ask their mistress to read them the story of how Tristan captures the heart of Isolde by drinking a magic love potion. No sooner has Adina done so, then Sgt. Belcore swaggers in with his troop. The soldier’s conceit amuses her, and he asks her hand in marriage. Saying she will think it over, Adina orders refreshments for his comrades. Adina and Nemorino are left alone, he awkwardly declares his love. She tells him his time would be better spent looking after his ailing uncle than mooning over her, for she is fickle as a breeze.

Cast Members

Marcus Shelton

Nemorino, young villager

Christina Kowalski

Adina, wealthy landowner

Yuseok Oh

Belcore, sergeant in the militia

Todd Robinson

Dulcamara, traveling salesman

Megan Parker

Giannetta, Adina’s friend