Die Fledermaus


By Johann Strauss

Die Fledermaus, with its intoxicating and effervescent music, has been part of the standard operatic repertory since its premiere in 1874. Based on a vaudeville play, Le réveillon, by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy, Die Fledermaus is the story of revenge, seduction and mistaken identities. A comic masterpiece, its elegant frivolities and confusions of all kinds provide a hilarious vehicle for some of the most captivating music ever written. The opera takes place in Vienna and its music is permeated by the rhythm of the Viennese waltz, no surprise as its composer, Johann Strauss, Jr., is fondly referred to as “The Waltz King.”


Cast Members

Megan Parker

Adele, chambermaid to the Eisenstein's

Marcus Shelton

Alfred, Rosalinda's former lover

Christina Kowalski


Ryan Bede

Dr. Falke

Stephen Rumph

Gabriel von Eisenstein

Gabriel Gargari

Mr Blind, Eisenstein’s lawyer

Benjamin Cleveland

Frank, commissioner of police

Jenny Knapp

Prince Orlofsky

Ron Wohl

Ivan, Prince Orlovsky's majordomo

Serena Eduljee

Ida, Adele's sister

Ecarp H. Cire

Frosch, the jailer