By Giuseppe Verdi

Aida is one of the most beloved operas of all time; the “A” in that ABC list recommended for newcomers to opera, the others being La Bohème and Carmen. The twenty-fourth opera by the giant of nineteenth century opera, Giuseppe Verdi, it demonstrates his mastery of musical and theatrical drama. Although often treated as a grand operatic spectacle, it is really an intimate story of jealousy and love and the tragic conflict between duty and love of country on the one hand and romantic love on the other.

Cast Members

Corinna Quilliam

Aida, an Ethiopian princess

Michael Drumheller

The King of Egypt

Erin Murphy

Amneris, daughter of the King

Mathew Edwardsen

Radames, Captain of the Guard

Yuseok Oh

Amonasro, King of Ethiopia

Jonathan Silvia

Ramfis, high Priest

Dan McGraw

A messenger

Ibidunni Ojikutu

High Priestess